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Wear a Cloth Face Mask for Protection

Faced with the Corona virus predicament we are experiencing in the world, and we care about protecting your health and that of your family so that we can all face it. How? With straightforward actions like washing our hands or wearing a cloth face mask.

Millions of people are wearing a cloth face mask to protect themselves against this invisible enemy and thus avoid infections. In addition, now, you can easily buy masks online.

Importance of Cloth Face Mask 

The best-quality, face mask prevents these droplets from dispersing. Given the shortage of masks in pharmacies, the right solution is the use of a cloth face mask. In addition, people who work in hospitals, supermarkets and those who are caring for already infected people need disposable masks.

So How do We Protect Ourselves? 

Staying home and wearing a cloth face mask if we need to get out! This year 2020 has been completely reinventing ourselves since the global corona virus pandemic has radically changed our lives and routines. One of the protective accessories that we have known during this time is the masks, which allow us to take care of others and ourselves.

Understanding the Importance of Cloth Face Mask

The face masks have begun to accompany us during these months and help us to avoid contact with other people while protecting others and ourselves. A necessary safety item that fashion brands have taken a turn. In addition to surgical masks, and Hygienic masks, we can see cloth face mask on the market that serves as reinforcement to the most basic ones or that also include filters on their own.

Face masks are now a unique accessory that will accompany us for a long time. Hence, luxury firms have begun to design cloth masks that combine with the clothing trends we find today: a combination of patterns and a necessary accessory that protects us. Some of the luxury brands that have surprised us are Gucci, Fendi or Louis Vuitton. At C29Mask™, we sell aesthetic cloth masks, but with the mission: protection and safety. Click to buy masks online here.

The Best types of Masks: Sanitary, Surgical and Self-filtering

Different types of masks are available in the market. These help people avoid contact with others and maintain social distancing. A face mask must have a space for a protection filter that is responsible for ensuring protection. A cloth face mask acts as personal protection.

C29Mask™ has devised an Aesthetic solution: Cloth Face Masks.

Let’s flatten the COVID-19 curve! Along with other protective measures, such as social distancing and proper hand hygiene, face cloth masks can be an easy, inexpensive, and potentially effective way to stay safe. C29Mask™ are made of 100% fabric with inner filters. Choose between plain and in colors. You also have a plain black or another in white with its filter. These masks are available to customers to wear in public with ease.

Advantages of Cloth Face Mask

Cloth face masks are durable, planet-friendly and safe. These reusable face masks are an excellent option for people committed to environmental protection from the ongoing pandemic. At no time do they stop protecting you; they are much more stylish and are reusable.

How to take Care of Your Cloth Face Mask

The key to its reuse is proper washing. Do it 60 degrees or above, as the health authorities suggest, with detergent and water. Whenever you follow this method, they recommend rinsing with water afterwards and allowing them to air dry to eliminate chemicals that can irritate our skin. Check the types of cloth face mask that you can find in our store.