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Use Cloth Face Mask to Stop Spreading The Virus

Experts recommend considering a few factors before buying a cloth face mask. Firstly, please pay attention to their labels. If it indicates that the mask is washable, go for it. If masks are not up to the mark, then continue your search.  The cloth ear loop elastic face masks are primarily sanitary masks.

Before buying a Cloth Face Mask, it is essential to go through an indicative list of the materials that different manufacturers have provided in manufacturing ear loop elastic face mask. Also, check the information on the tests and the statements where they indicate the benefits of their products.

Know How to Increase Your Mask’s Effectiveness

The obligatory use of cloth face mask in people over six years of age raises some questions about their correct use. Here is a guide to choose the right protection and maintain its effectiveness.

In some parts of the country Six years old above must wear masks when on public roads, in open-air spaces, closed space for public use, or that is open to the public, provided that it is not possible to maintain a distance of two meters. There are exceptions – for example, if you are alone in your personal workspace, you may not use it – but as a rule, the mask will be part of our daily uniform.

Buying a Cloth Face Mask and Learning to Use it is Essential

Before going into disinfection or cleaning issues, the first thing to be clear about is the three types of face masks that we can find on the market:

Filtering. It will be beneficial for wearing in the general use because it keeps you stay away from the attack and getting infected by the virus.

How to Wash the Ear loop Elastic Face Mask for Reuse

The first thing to clarify is that a mask is only reusable when indicated by the manufacturer. FFP compliance is there if an ‘R’ appears in the instructions. The surgical or medical ones are for single-use and are useful for four hours, so after this time, we should throw them away in the trash and wash our hands.

When you go through a complete guide about the Corona virus disease, you will find it includes useful explanations about the masks. You need to wash or laundry and dry clean your ear loop elastic face mask with a detergent and water.  Avoid using steam from a pot to sterilize it. There is a risk of contaminating the home, and there is the possibility of generating aerosols from potentially contaminated masks. In short – just dispose them off after use.

As for reusable sanitary ear loop elastic face mask, for example, you can disinfect your cloth face mask either by washing with regular detergent at temperature 60-90 degrees.