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Cloth Face Masks

The new normal forces everyone over the age of 6 to wear a cloth face mask, both indoors and outdoors if the safety distance cannot be maintained. We show you some options if you prefer to use the reusable cloth face mask in the USA.

A few months ago, the masks were, for most, a matter of operating rooms. Today, masks are the new normal that dictates prevention measures for the expansion of the corona virus. Reusable cloth face masks in the USA have become an obligation for all citizens. They are not voluntary and, in fact, outside the home, we must carry them in closed spaces and open ones, when we cannot maintain a distance of two meters from other people.

The exception to every rule, in this case, contemplates minors under six years of age, people with breathing difficulties that may be aggravated by the use of the mask. Besides, disabled or dependent people with behavioral disorders may prevent its use and other need situations.

Since the masks are not going to be an accessory for a few days or a few weeks, but a few months (at least), you may not want to use them disposable, either for environmental awareness or for the peace of mind of having them always available. In that case, you will be interested in a cloth face mask.

Tips for Holding Your Mask in an Elegant Way

We are still in the middle of the pandemic, and wearing a cloth face mask to go out to do all our activities is very necessary. Yes, we know that they are quite annoying, especially in the back of the ears, but we can significantly help reduce infections thanks to them.

What to do to avoid that little annoyance? Well, you can use small accessories to hold them. Thus, wearing a Reusable Cloth Face Mask will become easier than you think, and the best thing is that you will continue to look very trendy.

  1. Nothing better than fastening it with cute clasps.
  2. The buns look chic and help to hold it well.
  3. Tie the scarf behind the head. A scarf will also help protect you
  4. Fasten it with your braids to hold it better
  5. Make sure the headband matches the mask
  6. You can make your button headband with a bandana and buttons
  7. With a few little pins, it will look amazing
  8. A bandana will help you create various styles

Why Opt for a Reusable Cloth Face Mask in the US?

Reusable cloth face masks in the USA are washable and ecological. Cloth face masks are not as effective at preventing infection as surgical masks. Studies suggest that cloth masks can limit the spread of drops from the wearer and possibly slow transmission but not completely stop it.

  • Reusable cloth face masks are recommended for healthy people and usually made up of one or more textile material layers
  • They are not a medical device
  • They are reusable and have a filtering capacity of at least 90%, and the maximum number of washes that it allows should be on the label
  • They are very comfortable
  • Wash them in the washing machine with normal detergent at a temperature of 60-90, or immerse the masks in a 1:50 dilution of bleach with warm water for 30 minutes. Wash with soap, water, and rinse well to remove any residual bleach and let it dry.

Environmental Impact 

according to The Washington Post, the population complains about the types of masks for the following reasons: it is more difficult to breathe with the mask on, the glasses fog up, the nose itches, the ears hurt from the tension of the rubber, the voice is distorted, among others. Consequently, it is essential to find an effective and reusable cloth face mask against COVID-19 that helps you breathe.

Tips to follow for Proper use of Any type of Face Mask or Mask.

  • Perform hand hygiene before putting on the mask.
  • Put on the mask carefully. Make sure it covers the mouth and nose.
  • Adjust it to the nose’s bridge and tie it securely to minimize any space between the face and the edges of the mask.
  • Avoid touching the mask while wearing it.
  • Remove the mask using the appropriate technique, without touching the front and unfastening it from behind.
  • When a used mask is inadvertently touched, clean your hands with an alcohol-based gel or soap and water if hands are visibly dirty.
  • Replace the mask with a new one as soon as it gets wet.
  • Wash your hands right after removing the mask.

The call is to adopt the use of cloth face masks in the general population. These masks should not be condemned, criticized or stigmatized in any way. They are not aide that is helping masses negotiate with a global pandemic effectively. On the contrary, wearing a reusable cloth face mask should be perceived as an act of empathy and solidarity with society, as a tool to combat the pandemic and thus collaborate to prevent the spread of the virus.