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Reusable Cloth Face Mask in the US

When choosing a mask, make sure to focus on factors such as the application, the type of mask or the level of protection required. Disposable masks (surgical masks) or personal protective equipment are necessary for nursing staff and patients with contagious diseases. Reusable cloth face mask in the US protect against the transmission of diseases by droplets or by air. The standards and protection classes specify their suitability against viruses such as corona virus.

How to Choose a Respiratory Protection Device?

Application: depending on the specialty and in the presence of contagious diseases, patients and healthcare personnel will use a specific type of mask with a certain level of protection.

Type of Mask: there are surgical masks and Reusable cloth face mask in the US. The functions, rules and purposes vary from one type to another. The key is to remember that surgical masks only protect against infectious agents that may transfer through droplets. At the same time, reusable Cloth Face Mask also protects against inhalation of infectious agents that are transmittable through air.

Level of Protection Required: each type of mask is subject to different rules and regulations depending on the country. These standards provide for other classes of devices. It will be necessary to refer to the rules applicable to each geographical area.

Disposable or Reusable Cloth Face Mask in the US: Surgical masks are disposable medical devices only. Cloth face masks can easy to reuse. In the case of filtering protective masks, there is the possibility of replacing the filter when it becomes saturated.

Time of Effectiveness: the time of effectiveness of the masks varies according to the use. It can be between three and eight hours. More attractively priced masks tend to have short wear times. The manufacturer routinely provides this information.

Comfort: there are different sizes of masks to adapt to the morphology of the user. A reusable cloth face mask can also be equipped with an exhalation valve to enhance user comfort. Additionally, they can cover the eyes if eye protection is required, in which case they are called full masks or full face masks.

Is Reusable Cloth Face Mask in the US Effective?

Cloth Face Mask

The use of face masks is part of a set of preventive measures that can limit the spread of respiratory diseases, including COVID-19. They can keep the germs at bay hence keeping you safe from the infection, in infected people, or to protect healthy individuals from contracting the disease. There is sufficient scientific evidence on the effectiveness of the use of Reusable cloth face mask in the US, preventing the spread of Covid-19. However, the use of masks alone does not provide enough protection; it is necessary to combine its use with other measures such as hand washing and social distancing, to obtain an adequate level of protection.

COVID-19 and Reusable Cloth Face Mask in the US

The use of a mask in the general population has been a measure that has demonstrated effectiveness in the fight against the corona virus pandemic. Many countries adopted this measure early when there was still no scientific evidence to support their efficacy. It occurred contrary to the recommendations in force at the time. Although, at present, it is an action that is known to be effective and deserves to be recognized and applauded.

There are different recommendations for the use of face masks in the general population:

  • A person with symptoms suggestive of Covid-19 should wear a medical mask, self-confine and seek medical help even if you suffer from mild symptoms. This applies to any possible scenario where there is a probability of contagion, even at home.
  • Caregivers of people with Covid-19, in non-clinical settings, should use a medical mask during their care work
  • People, in general, should wear a “non-medical” or reusable cloth face mask in public places, especially if there is community transmission and if other measures such as contact tracing and diagnostic tests are limited.
  • In public places, such as markets, banks and any other place where it is impossible to maintain social distance. The use of reusable cloth face mask in the US cloth masks should be standard for the general population.
  • During the use of public transport, in any of its modalities. The use of cloth masks is recommended for the general population
  • Vulnerable population, among which are older adults (60 years)
  • People with comorbidities (high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic respiratory diseases, cancer, cerebrovascular events, immunosuppression and others) should use a medical mask in any circumstance where there is risk infection, and social distancing is not possible to abide by.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has updated its technical guidelines and recommended the use of reusable cloth face mask in the general population, especially in circumstances where social distancing is impossible to maintain. There are some specific recommendations regarding the use of medical or fabric (reusable) face masks that should be followed to optimize the degree of protection.