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Your Ultimate Guide to a Cloth Face Mask

Transmitting infectious diseases via mouth droplets is a genuine threat, especially during the ongoing pandemic. Wearing a mask has already become a priority in 2020, as most countries depend on it to control the spread. By far, this could be the easiest solution to diminish the COVID-19 virus spread if worn by a majority. Countries that emphasized wearing a face mask, testing, and social distancing during the early stages of the pandemic decelerated the virus.

During the pandemic, when surgical and N-95 masks are difficult to find and afford, cloth masks are the best alternative as they are easy to make, find, and are reuse. These masks are made from homemade materials, such as cotton, tightly woven into multiple layers. They are easy to make, and the best part, instructions are readily available online. In fact, the CDC website shares directions for no-sew masks made from T-shirts and Bandannas.

How to Wear a Cloth Face Mask?

CDC recommends all to wear a cloth face mask in public settings where social distancing can be challenging, such as public transportation. We are listing some important pointers to help you putting on and taking off the mask:

  • Always sanitize your hands before wearing and removing a mask
  • The face mask should cover your nose and mouth
  • Use ear loops or tie behind your head to make sure it fits and covers your mouth
  • Avoid touching face mask while wearing one
  • Wash or sanitize your hands when you accidentally touched your mask
  • Always wash your face mask when it gets wet or dirty. Until then, wear another one.
  • Remove the mask by untying it or removing ear loops without touching the mask.
  • Wash or sanitize your hands after removing a mask
  • Wash it with water and soap by hands or in a washing machine
  • You can wash it with your other clothes

The following face masks precautions

  • Don’t mask those who are unconscious, facing trouble breathing, or can’t remove the face mask by themselves
  • Avoid putting masks on children under two years old
  • Face masks are not a substitute for social distancing

How to Adjust Yourself to a Face Mask?

Since wearing a mask was never a norm, adjusting to a mask is challenging. Note down the tips to help you get used to of it:

Slow Start – Start by wearing a mask for a short period. You can start by wearing one while watching television or on a short walk. Gradually wear the mask for longer until you feel comfortable.

Find your Fit–Masks that are not comfortable are not for you. Find one that fits perfectly and is comfortable. Cloth masks come in various sizes, shapes, and designs, so choose the one that meets your needs or allow us to do that on your behalf. We at C29Mask™ are experts in making and recommending the best cloth face masks.

If you still feel uncomfortable wearing masks after implementing these tips, consider talking to your doctor. Until then, let us look at the benefits of cloth face masks.

Upsides of Cloth Face Masks

Face Mask Online

The USA’s government announced that people must wear Cloth Face Masks and maintain social distancing, especially when traveling in public transport or shopping. For obvious reasons, C29Mask™ creates reusable cloth face masks in the USA to limit the spread of COVID-19. Our products do so without affecting the environment. Undoubtedly, our face mask products have created a buzz in the market and on social media. Consider these masks as experts recommend them:

  1. Surgical Masks are for Healthcare Professionals Only

Countries all around the world faced a shortage of surgical masks. This caused great concern for front line healthcare professionals that are more prone to the disease. Since surgical masks are vital for healthcare professionals and are unnecessary for the public, a cloth mask is appropriate. It obstructs droplets from reaching and infecting others.

  1. Challenges for the Public to Dispose of Surgical Masks

The public needs to practice caution when handling surgical masks appropriately; else, they can negatively affect health and the overall environment.

  1. Disposable Masks are Hazardous to Our Environment

Disposable face masks, also known as surgical masks, are made of single-use plastic. About 150 million tons of such plastic is made every year. A surge in surgical masks would increase the single-use plastic production resulting in a considerable environmental impact. Recently, a bulk of face masks were seen on the shores in Hong Kong, harming marine life. However, our masks and traveling pouch are free from single-use plastic.

  1. Cloth-Based Face Masks Protect your Money

Cloth-based face masks can be washed and wear 50 times. They save you the cost of 50 surgical masks. Thus, the stock for the surgical masks remains replenished.

  1. No Contamination, Incarcerations and Other Disposal Concerns

Disposable used masks found on streets, benches, parks, and other public places could accelerate diseases if touched by other human beings. Contrariwise, cloth-based face masks protect us from unwanted contaminants.

Search no more for the best reusable cloth face mask in the USA as C29Mask has you covered!



Protect Longer Your Reusable Face Mask

A mask full of contamination can be injurious to your health. It is precisely what the New England Journal of Medicine study mentions. As per the study, the COVID-19 virus stems from the SARS-CoV-2 can live on various surfaces for up to 72 hours. What is shocking is that the same virus can be present on fabric for just as long. In these circumstances, one needs as much protection as possible, so wear a mask and wash it more often. Because on the other hand, the mask itself could go contaminated, and that could surface challenges for the next decades. We dedicate this article to everyone out there that wears or handles the reusable cloth face mask.

Must-Follow Guidelines for Effective Mask Care

Every time you wear or remove your mask, you should comply with the following guidelines.

When Machine-Washing My Cloth Mask

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend running your contaminated mask through a washing machine. This means you can launder your used face mask using warm or hot water. Today’s washing machines offer a sanitizing cycle option to their users, and well, that goes in your best interest. Otherwise, using regular laundry detergent could be an effective way to clean your mask, but experts pointed out those detergents that cause residue on the fabric. This would lead the person to develop skin issues, and honestly, nobody wants to invite more trouble these days.

Instead, a fragrance-free, hypoallergenic detergent can be put to work but do your research to make sure.

When Hand-Washing My Cloth Face Mask

Sustainable cloth coverings such as our Reusable Cloth Face Mask in the USA are cleanable through hand washing.

A successful way to hand-wash includes hot water and laundry detergent. There are endless ways to hand-wash your mask, but the science goes into following a procedure correctly. Anyways, once your mask is clean, place it over the top of your dryer, setting the heat at the highest. As bacteria die from a higher temperature, this would be best. However, this is no hard and fast rule as you can air-dry the mask in the absence of a dryer.

Number of Times You Should Clean a Cloth Face Mask

Cloth Face Mask

As a rule, one should wash the cloth face mask after every application. Besides, if you notice that your mask is moist due to mucous or other body fluid, it is better to discard it. The reason is any fluid compromises the face mask’s usability, harming the filter, irritating your skin, and much more. Keep in mind that wearing a wet mask is certainly is not ideal.

Removing and Caring for a Dirty Face Mask

It goes without question that every time individuals handle the mask, they should thoroughly wash their hands (before and after use). Here is what you need to do:

Wash your hands using soap and water for 20 seconds to the minimum.Hold the mask from the ear straps, making sure you do not touch the mask’s front.
If you are outside, put your mask in the bag or any container until you can wash it. However, if you happen to be at home, then wash it right away. No matter where you are if you are using a bag to store your mask, make sure you wash it and wash your hands.

Decontaminating a Cloth Mask

Depending on your convenience, you can hand or machine-wash your face mask. The only thing to keep in mind is the mask should be rinsed with fabric detergent and water.

To be completely safe, wash your mask in 140°F water that is a perfect temperature recorded ever to kill bacteria. Simultaneously, washing with detergent or bleach is equally essential. This is crucial, as SARS-CoV-2 is an enveloped virus where the virus particles are wrapped in an outer coat made from the cell’s plasma membrane. Using the soap will have it firmly stick to the virus particles, and when you rinse, the soap and the virus particles will be washed away.

The Best Way to Store a Mask

People are regularly encouraged to store masks in places where they remain unexposed to contaminants. We have figured out a spot that plays a massive role in the spread of the virus. This is because when you hang a mask on the rear view mirror in the presence of an air conditioner, the contaminants start to elope and circulate the environment. This would increase the chance of containing the virus. Hence, you need to be extra cautious when you need to store your mask in the short-term.


It is already known that the outer side of the mask is most likely contaminated. Therefore, the most recommended route to remove the mask is from the ear loops. After removing, you can fold it, keeping the inner parts intact. With this, people also must wash or sanitize their hands immediately after handling the mask.

Our apologies for taking enough time because if you mishandle your mask at the end of the day, it will lead to a bad situation. It is avoidable but only if you handle the mask the way we have described throughout the article. After all, we have to save each other’s lives.

Use Cloth Face Mask to Stop Spreading The Virus

Experts recommend considering a few factors before buying a cloth face mask. Firstly, please pay attention to their labels. If it indicates that the mask is washable, go for it. If masks are not up to the mark, then continue your search.  The cloth ear loop elastic face masks are primarily sanitary masks.

Before buying a Cloth Face Mask, it is essential to go through an indicative list of the materials that different manufacturers have provided in manufacturing ear loop elastic face mask. Also, check the information on the tests and the statements where they indicate the benefits of their products.

Know How to Increase Your Mask’s Effectiveness

The obligatory use of cloth face mask in people over six years of age raises some questions about their correct use. Here is a guide to choose the right protection and maintain its effectiveness.

In some parts of the country Six years old above must wear masks when on public roads, in open-air spaces, closed space for public use, or that is open to the public, provided that it is not possible to maintain a distance of two meters. There are exceptions – for example, if you are alone in your personal workspace, you may not use it – but as a rule, the mask will be part of our daily uniform.

Buying a Cloth Face Mask and Learning to Use it is Essential

Before going into disinfection or cleaning issues, the first thing to be clear about is the three types of face masks that we can find on the market:

Filtering. It will be beneficial for wearing in the general use because it keeps you stay away from the attack and getting infected by the virus.

How to Wash the Ear loop Elastic Face Mask for Reuse

The first thing to clarify is that a mask is only reusable when indicated by the manufacturer. FFP compliance is there if an ‘R’ appears in the instructions. The surgical or medical ones are for single-use and are useful for four hours, so after this time, we should throw them away in the trash and wash our hands.

When you go through a complete guide about the Corona virus disease, you will find it includes useful explanations about the masks. You need to wash or laundry and dry clean your ear loop elastic face mask with a detergent and water.  Avoid using steam from a pot to sterilize it. There is a risk of contaminating the home, and there is the possibility of generating aerosols from potentially contaminated masks. In short – just dispose them off after use.

As for reusable sanitary ear loop elastic face mask, for example, you can disinfect your cloth face mask either by washing with regular detergent at temperature 60-90 degrees.

Wear a Cloth Face Mask for Protection

Faced with the Corona virus predicament we are experiencing in the world, and we care about protecting your health and that of your family so that we can all face it. How? With straightforward actions like washing our hands or wearing a cloth face mask.

Millions of people are wearing a cloth face mask to protect themselves against this invisible enemy and thus avoid infections. In addition, now, you can easily buy masks online.

Importance of Cloth Face Mask 

The best-quality, face mask prevents these droplets from dispersing. Given the shortage of masks in pharmacies, the right solution is the use of a cloth face mask. In addition, people who work in hospitals, supermarkets and those who are caring for already infected people need disposable masks.

So How do We Protect Ourselves? 

Staying home and wearing a cloth face mask if we need to get out! This year 2020 has been completely reinventing ourselves since the global corona virus pandemic has radically changed our lives and routines. One of the protective accessories that we have known during this time is the masks, which allow us to take care of others and ourselves.

Understanding the Importance of Cloth Face Mask

The face masks have begun to accompany us during these months and help us to avoid contact with other people while protecting others and ourselves. A necessary safety item that fashion brands have taken a turn. In addition to surgical masks, and Hygienic masks, we can see cloth face mask on the market that serves as reinforcement to the most basic ones or that also include filters on their own.

Face masks are now a unique accessory that will accompany us for a long time. Hence, luxury firms have begun to design cloth masks that combine with the clothing trends we find today: a combination of patterns and a necessary accessory that protects us. Some of the luxury brands that have surprised us are Gucci, Fendi or Louis Vuitton. At C29Mask™, we sell aesthetic cloth masks, but with the mission: protection and safety. Click to buy masks online here.

The Best types of Masks: Sanitary, Surgical and Self-filtering

Different types of masks are available in the market. These help people avoid contact with others and maintain social distancing. A face mask must have a space for a protection filter that is responsible for ensuring protection. A cloth face mask acts as personal protection.

C29Mask™ has devised an Aesthetic solution: Cloth Face Masks.

Let’s flatten the COVID-19 curve! Along with other protective measures, such as social distancing and proper hand hygiene, face cloth masks can be an easy, inexpensive, and potentially effective way to stay safe. C29Mask™ are made of 100% fabric with inner filters. Choose between plain and in colors. You also have a plain black or another in white with its filter. These masks are available to customers to wear in public with ease.

Advantages of Cloth Face Mask

Cloth face masks are durable, planet-friendly and safe. These reusable face masks are an excellent option for people committed to environmental protection from the ongoing pandemic. At no time do they stop protecting you; they are much more stylish and are reusable.

How to take Care of Your Cloth Face Mask

The key to its reuse is proper washing. Do it 60 degrees or above, as the health authorities suggest, with detergent and water. Whenever you follow this method, they recommend rinsing with water afterwards and allowing them to air dry to eliminate chemicals that can irritate our skin. Check the types of cloth face mask that you can find in our store.